AI Programming – In the beginning.

Artificial Intelligence is the second module that I am working on alongside my Final Year Project. I am in a group with three other talented programmers and we have an idea of a game that we would like to present for you.

You are a lone agent is sent in a house filled with hostiles. Objective? Kill them all. Integrated with path planning, decision trees and learning techniques, will you be able to fulfil the mission or buckle under the pressure?16906263_1731591977152712_1636898945168834560_n

As the player, you will be a able to use a variety of weapons to defeat this hostile house ranging from the good old assault rifle to the devastating shotgun. What you see above is the assault rifle that will kill the average enemy with its average statistics. We may have gotten a little excited with the sights, but it’s understandable with how great this game is panning out so far.

If you want to see more AI, if you want to see more awesome progress, if you want more sights, keep checking back regularly for updates to this game.

Check my YouTube channel for a more in-depth review so far of the game (when I make the video).

Have a great day!

James 😀



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