Final Year Project!

Welcome to the start of my final year project!

I’m in my final year of Games Programming and this project is pretty much anything I wanted it to be. I sat down and thought to myself “What do I want to show off? What will be impressive?” and ideas came to me. But then I realised I was thinking about this all wrong. I should be thinking “What would be fun?”.

After hours of thinking and rummaging through the flood of ideas, I chose something similar to a game I had been playing recently. XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This was almost perfect, it was just missing a twist. Something simple, something everyone must have played at least once in their life. This something was Rock, Paper, Scissors.

XCOM meets Rock, Paper, Scissors. It is a beautiful thought. The characters that would be moving would instead be what I see Rock, Paper, Scissors as if they were characters. One character will always be better than another and always weak against the other, it was a beautiful thought.

However, could I accomplish this feat in such a small space of 12 weeks while working on my other module (AI). Will I be able to make my thoughts a reality? If I stopped thinking in the most pessimistic way possible and cracked on with it, then I’m sure to complete this and have fun while doing so!

Player moving to the green point, the point the player clicked on.
The enemy moving to the node closest to the enemy in respect to the enemy’s radius.

These two photos are from the current state of my game. The first one shows how I’m moving the player. The cyan squares are the available squares the player can click on and move to. The white squares are all the “walkable” squares. The red squares are “un-walkable” squares. The green square is the one the player has chosen to move to. Both player and enemy follow the A* pathfinding algorithm to move as for now it is the most efficient way to move and I can always change this later on to a more optimised version. For now, it will do.

The next step for me is to include more camera control and include the ability to attack the other entity. For the AI, this may include the use of decision trees so they know when to move, when to attack, and when to run away.

I hope that this little introduction (emphasis on little) has piqued your interest. Stay tuned for updates and keep on track with how my game progresses!


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