One of my semi-finished games!


I call this piece of work “Masters of the Doge-verse”!

It’s a simple game with simple features and comes with a hot-pluggable Xbox 360 controller support.

Before I show you some amazing photos of this almost masterpiece, let me take you back to a week ago where everything seemed fine and my game was coming along smoothly.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but something on my laptop was corrupt. Without knowledge of this, I go to open my project at home and work a lot more on my game. I needed to work more on my player so I opened the file and everything was erased. I checked other files and one after another, they were erased. Not all of them, I still had some files left like my sprite class. I was slightly panicking, but I know I have back-ups on various devices and websites. I open them all and the same files are missing. How was this happening? I decided to uninstall Visual Studio and re-download in whilst I emailed my course leader to ask for an extension on my work. Even he didn’t know what was wrong. I just had to start from scratch with my game.

A hard weeks work was complete and what do I have to show for it? This!



Let us all be honest here, we’ve all awaited the uprising of Doge.

The high score system was implemented last and it is probably one of the only parts of this project that has no ties to the library we were given to use for this project (I don’t know if I can say what library he gave us because I don’t know much about copyright).

High scoring

I initially thought that I had to create my own function to convert a string to an integer because of what I have had to do in another module with Erlang. But I found this little handy std::stoi which converts the string I am getting from the open file to an integer automatically which meant less work on high scores and more work on functionality! Double win!

Overall this was an immensely fun project, apart from the fact I only had a week to do it because of some corruption. But even so, a week to do all of this? I don’t mean to brag, but I think that is pretty amazing.

Thank you for looking at this fun filled project!


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